Sunday, August 9, 2009


Up beat designers Jack and Lazaro always keep crowds heads turning for there runway shows with sport wear inspired evening wear seen on there New York Runway. With a never ending fan base that includes Mary Kate & Ashley olsen and VOGUES Anna Wintour they always make there dresses fit for any chic women. Designing there very first shoe collection for s/s 2009 the duo feels older and more wiser being that they have been around for more than seasons in fashion. I first saw this duo in there f/w 2007 (s/s 2006 but didnt notice how good they were) doing these very polished and edgy pieces based in black and white with a strong red lip. The show was very more mature for them to be so young to have such a strong collection it was truely amazing I loved those finally pieces were they did this radzmer like covers over the belted dresses paired with hats that would slowly appear on four diffrent runways. When askd whos your favorite designer I always have a hard time choosing because I look up to them so much not that there extremly good at what they do but of there age I started doing fashion at age 6 so I love seeing young designers. I cant put a theme for the next collection I'm hopeing to see the finally dresses and whos opening the show.

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