Saturday, October 24, 2009


As designers, editors, and models run to their positions before a show designers collection is reveled shoe departments in high end retail stores stop and think what a designer will do for their shoe collection and what inspired them and the price points. Two seasons ago designer and my personal muse Marc Jacobs outdid himself producing a very affordable heel done in a large varieties and colors even new textures. In the shoe department above Saks fifth Avenue editor Sally Singer praises the shoes and when the flat version of the heel came out and was priced at $210.00 editors went crazy and they were seen in 7 different magazines models and celebrites were seen wearing them like Beyonce, and Raquel Zimmermann. These shoes above were taken from and really had a big impact on my inspiration board about 9 months ago when they premiered.

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  1. amazing and I loved the first one its crazy but still amazing