Wednesday, November 4, 2009


With a style that can make any one turn their heads Francise and Morgane Silverwood set the mood in my new inspiration board. I'm constantly inspired by fashionable girls that attend my high school and these twin sisters have been on my mind since freshman year. I personally think that Frannys style is more focused on the complete look with everything in place and always carries the right hand bag and wears the right shoes, for Morgane it's all about mixing and matching prints and having fun with choosing the right accessories and making statements with bold color choices. Above are photos that had a major impact on me I'm posting photos soon of sketches of my new resort collection that will be finished in January. Im hopeing to have the twins do the resort collection.


  1. omg there so cute I love her jacket..

    Katie haggler, 15

  2. kelly 17,

    They remind me of these twin models that were in teenvogue magazine like a year ago

  3. Shannon K. said..

    I have a twin sister and were never this fashionable we need to step up out personal style haha

  4. Haha thanks the girls will love that when they hear it.

  5. their so fashionable